868. Sarcasm & Satire

Satire on Global Warming

Let’s face it, sarcasm should be one of the love languages. Because there’s nothing healthier in a good healthy relationship like a healthy dose of sarcasm. When reality gets too real… bam… sarcasm! When conversation turns to uncomfortable truths, bam… sarcasm!! It’s the ultimate passive-aggressive avoider, a critical tool of the trade. It’s biting, it stings but not in a honest genuine forthright way. I love it!!

Joseph Heller’s Catch-22

Pretty much in my list of top 3 books of all times is the delightfully dark & delicious Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry when Pilot Yossarian is dealing with the absurdity of how war is waged during WWII. I feel I learned just as much about the conduct of warfare from that book than a 4 year stint at a service academy and 25 years of service in the Air Force. There’s atheist chaplain assistants, there’s Milo Minderbender that runs the whole show through a mafia-like supply system, there’s death and denial as pilots check themselves into the hospital to avoid the Catch… the Catch-22… the probable reality that they will most likely die as they carry out bombing raids. All the while dealing with a crew member that got cut in half by shrapnel. That shit is real. But the way Heller tells it, that shit is really really funny. Laugh & cry at the same time about the absurdity of war. That’s satire at its finest.

Wizard of Oz with a toupee
The Dismantling of Checks & Balances

We’ve never had a president like Trump. But give the devil his due, he’s managed to manipulate a whole country all the while tweeting about everyone that ever dared to stand up against him. Outspoken powerful female? Bam, they are hideously ugly or just acting out on their monthly cycle. You could say he is the best and worst of America. Brash, giving to action at all cost with blatant disregard for how the world sees him. That’s America. He also has the backing of the lower to middle class Christian Right wing establishment. That’s pretty smart manipulation right there. For what it’s worth, no matter which side of the fence you fall on, Trump has recognized that truth no longer matters, it’s perception and the perception is that he is a fighter, granted a narcissistic fragile ego prone to mental instability fighter, but a fighter nonetheless. And that’s why people love him. That and the fear of socialism and communism which he is just smart enough to feed that flame of fear among his base. It’s all ripe for Satire like SNL has so brilliantly done. That’s the beauty of sarcasm. You can point out some ugly truths all the while laughing from a perspective of the little guy who doesn’t have any power other than railing against the system.

Feed it Brawndo!!

Brawndo, it’s what plants crave!! Bam, environmental satire.

Modern Warfare

ISIS scary? Yes. Ripe to be made fun of? Also yes.

How do we deal with scary stuff in this world? Make fun of it. It will seem less scary. It’s what’s worked so well for me so far. And as far as sarcasm as a love language? Well sign me up. As far as sarcasm being healthy to a productive ever evolving healthy relationship? That’s not the truth. Quite the opposite. That was just sarcasm my friends.

Peace out and watch this!

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