891. The Western Bluebird

The Western Bluebird

To see this bird is memorable, so much so, that you would have thought this morning I would have been able to identify him. On an extended hike this morning in the foothills, towards mile 9-ish we got a glimpse of a Western Bluebird trail-side, not too far away. He was sitting on top of some sagebrush about eye level and just let three of us stare for a bit. I said… I think that’s some sort of Tanager. This is just because in bird books I equate the Tanager to one of the coolest looking small sized birds, super colorful. They are that but this was no Tanager. Just tossing that out lent some false credibility to my birding expertise and the couple I was with starting asking me about other birds. I think I identified a Finch for them that they had seen in their yard. With my expertise it very well could have been a wild turkey.

Quite a Cool Bird

They are distinctive birds and the male’s head almost radiates with color. This morning against the morning sun it appeared an almost iridescent teal-blue. What makes them additionally cool is the cinnamon patch they feature on their breast in stark contrast to their colored-head. When you see this birds, you just stop and wonder. Good moment for me this morning at the end of a great hike.

X Marks the Spot on Peggy’s Trail, just North of Polecat North Parking Lot, Boise, Idaho

We’ll have to save the Purple Martin for another good thing but today it was all about the Western Bluebird. We get Mountain Bluebirds up here as well, usually above 4,000 feet, and they are something to spot but not as cool as the Western Bluebird.

Western Bluebird (Sialia Mexicana) pair, Eastern Washington

Now listen to the Byrds to take us on out!!!

A Time to be Born, A Time…

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