893. Thai Food


What most people don’t know is that there’s this country Thailand. It’s way over there. You know plane ride overseas and all. From my recollection it’s somewhere either near Vietnam, New Zealand, or Siberia… I mean who can be sure about such a thing??

Lamai Thai Food Truck, Nampa Idaho

Sure we went on a vacation there. Sure the food is a bit different than the garden variety of most Thai restaurants in the states. I think I witnessed a large orange rat hanging by its tail inside a street vendor’s window. I can also vaguely recall a huge fried alligator.

So grab your Yelp app, find some local Thai and call ahead, wear that face mask and watch this video while eating some papaya or Pad Thai.

Here’s a map of Bangkok so you won’t get lost searching for a Thai Restaurant.

Here’s the guide you need to call on when you get there. Taew Suthida Jinasri.

Best Thai Tour Guide. Farangs, give her a call.

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