895. Dog Parks

Dog Parks

I seem to recall it was roughly the mid to late 1990’s when dog parks started emerging as a thing. We were in California, in the greater Yuba City-Marysville-Grass Valley metropolis of California, when I first heard of them. We would make an hour trek to Roseville near Sacramento to visit one. And it was a riot!! Why didn’t someone come up with such a thing earlier? When you let dogs roam free among each other without leashes it’s amazing how they become model citizens showing people how the whole socializing thing is done. It’s the best place for dog watching and also people watching. I can distinctly recall on our first visit there was this lady who brought along her tiny toy dog and even before entering you could get a sense the high level of tension she brought upon her dog. Instead of letting the dog be a dog & run free, she kept that tiny uptight thing tethered and absolutely freaked out anytime another dog got near her and her sheltered pup. It’s amazing how dogs & owners personalities reflect each other. The more calm laid back friendly people seem to have calm laid back pups. The neurotic ones are also paired.

There’s one way you can start off your day at 5am and take pups that look like this:

And get them to be this happy:

And when they return, they will go back to this, fully believing you are the best human owner around:

Dog parks… they are free. Find a way to support your local parks and rec and thank them for managing a space that is so happy and healthy for both Pups and People alike.

Best of the Dog Parks
Dogs, We Love Them!!

For the love of all things dogs, find a dog park today and spend some time. You will be happier for it. A good thing.

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