897. Blue Heart Springs, Idaho

Blue Heart Springs near Hagerman, Idaho

There’s a high desert oasis in an area of Idaho between Boise and Twin Falls that isn’t on the regular tourist’ path. It’s called Blue Heart Springs. I haven’t been to it but it’s on the list. Day trip family outing is in store. Imagine a place you can get to only by paddle board or kayak, 45 minutes from the put-in spot and when you get there you are surrounded by this high desert rocky climate and spring water comes fresh and clear out of the ground. 58 degrees steady year round, cool but not so cold you can’t go swimming in it. Now imagine that water is crystal clear blue almost translucent looking like something in a Caribbean setting. From what I understand that is what Blue Heart Springs has to offer.

The Blue of the Blue Heart Springs

You go to nearby Banbury Hot Springs, rent your kayak or paddle board, maybe a canoe or two, drive a mile and a half at the put-in docks and you are good to go. Plenty of sun screen will serve you well as there isn’t tree cover or shade along the way. There is supposed to be falls along the way to gawk at, a cave side trip for spelunking, and then you get to the springs. Cool off at any time by taking a swim as long as you can stand the cool cool water. Sounds like a perfect day getaway to me. One of those hidden gems your state has to offer and you might not ever get to unless you make it a priority. I’m in great anticipation. Blue Heart Springs, Idaho, certainly a good thing.

Blue Heart Springs, Idaho / 2 hour drive from Boise

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