898. God Save Texas, A Book

There is a certain pull about the place we call Texas. Us Texans that find ourselves in other locales find that if we run into other Texans what do we talk about? Texas. Sure, we were all brainwashed by the Texas public educational system that requires people to take Texas history throughout K-12 and at the public universities requires core to include Texas politics…well that explains things a bit. You grow up in Texas and you tell jokes about how everything in Texas is bigger and better. And it’s all funny but deep down inside there’s truth to that humor. Texans truly believe it. Sure Texans can dig on their own state to other Texans but just wait until an outsider makes those same digs…it’s on pardner!!

God Save Texas by Lawrence Wright. If I ever had to recommend three books so folks could get a true flavor of Texas it would be these three: The Gay Place by Billy Brammer, Goodbye to a River by John Graves, and God Save Texas by Lawrence Wright. If you are from Texas (or not) and want to know about what exactly the place it is. The myths, the legends, the history, culture… the draw that keeps people interested & connected to the thing we all think of as Texas, check those books. A Good Thing.

Lawrence Wright
Old 97’s, A State of Texas

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