899. Boise River Fly Fishing

Look at That Boy

On our 100th Good Things Post it was important that this one counted. Z is truly an Idaho boy being born right here in B-Town. He seems to have the inner love for the most Idaho things, fly fishing, hunting, mountains. When he is on the Boise River with his fly rod, the boy is truly in his element.

Z, Trout Whisperer

I mean literally it’s a 5 minute drive to get to fishing from our house. I’ve got the music thing with my oldest C, but went out and got a fly rod so Z&Me can have our thing. He is self taught and has watched countless YouTube videos to get the know-how to summon up those fish. And he does it well. I fear I may be a slight disappointment to him in our mutual hobby as I’m most content getting a single fly and just being next to the water & casting. If I land a fish, which is rare, it puts a crimp in my jam. Now I’ve got to get that fish off the hook and throw him back… just too much of a hassle and it messes with my flow of just having fun trying to get that perfect cast, which is far from perfect. But you should see in action laying down a line. It’s a thing of beauty.

Z on the Boise

I’ve seen him risk certain peril and soaking shorts and shoes to get to that perfect fishing spot. To get to where the fast water pours into the slow or is it the other way around? I’ve had to carry him over deeper water once or twice. Fishing right here near the city with a river that runs through it feeling like you are away from everything. A River that people float with inner tubes, that people bike and jog down a 30 mile stretch, now that’s a good thing. Fish on Z, fish on.

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