901. Famous Dex

Famous Dex

Part of doing this Z&Me, I think reveals Mr. Z’s humor. The boy I think finds it quite funny to get Dad to write about these rappers I’d never hear of or know about if I wasn’t the father of a rap loving giving to shenanigans teen. Sounds like something I would do at that age for entertainment’s sake. It’s a right of passage giving the old man the bidness after all. So Famous Dex.

Famous Dex

So what do we know about this Dexter character and his fame. Sure ask 100 Gen X’ers who Dex is and you’ll get 0 answers, “Oh, he’s that rapper. He famous.” Most likely they’ll say yeah Dexter that serial killer dude for justice in Miami. Dude is messed up. Or maybe even Dexter Holland, lead singer of the Offspring, I’m with you now. For some reason it reminds me of the cartoon character Poindexter. But fear not, the Dex has fame among the Gen Z set who love the raps.

Japan by Famous Dex

Famous Dex has a familiar look made truly famous by Lil Peep and his followers. Face tattoos, piercings, colored dred locked hair. It’s a thing. Sure it won’t get you a job in an interview at Goldman Sachs and that’s exactly the point. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a way to stand out uniquely even though it makes you look like the 15 other mumble rap artists sporting the exact same look.

He’s got the look.

Famous Dex is also tied to the Cole Bennett Lyrical Lemonade fame train. Born Dexter Tiewon Gore Jr. in Chi-Town in 1993 which makes him young. If ya wanna know what the raps kids are listening to it most certainly includes the Famous Dex!

Drip From My Walk

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