903. America

America, Faith Ringgold

Let’s not pretend America is this perfect place. We all know it’s not. The serious cracks in our country have been revealed and we are probably more divided than we have ever been since the Civil War. This is the holiday to celebrate our country’s origin. I think it is quite possible to hold on one hand that we are grateful for all the opportunities that America has provided and still believe in the core values it was founded on, and on the other hand hold the things we feel needs to be improved and it’s ugly truths and the hope for what can be done about it.

Proud to live in America

So “over patriotism”, uber-America, leads to Nationalism and Nationalism can lead to people losing their sense of right and wrong and human kindness and give themselves individually over to this collective “hive mind” state that can march us off to war or spend billions of dollars building something as dumb as a fence that from what I recall about .00000000000001 percent of the whole country, not named Trump, even wanted. But worse than all that, it can lead to massive amounts of people with a faraway stare on their faces going through the Chick Fil-A drive-in and listening to perhaps the worst song ever written on full blast with the windows down… Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to Be American.” Worst yet, super nationalism and too many fried chicken fingers, can lead to such things as Toby Keith. Be ever vigilant. It could happen right here in our country if we aren’t careful.


Chances are you ask folks what they really love about America, it will be a place, a memory from childhood, the people here, the freedom to go to a convenience store at 1 in the morning, so many things. Only the rare few will go off on a loving dissertation about the first, second, third, or any other amendment, none will say the thing I love most about America is Donald Trump or Joe Biden. So why are we fighting and getting ugly with each other about it? Let’s think about the things that are truly important and not let our differences tear us down and make America less than what it could be, what it should be. Here’s what I love about America:

Idaho’s Sawtooths

That about sums it up right there. America. Peace to the peoples!!

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