909. Fathers

One June Day in Colorado Springs

Fathers, I mean what did you expect on Father’s Day. By mere science, we’ve all had them, for better or worse they’ve had a huge influence on our lives. You have either role-modeled yourself after your own father, or took bits and pieces of the better parts and tried to emulate that, or maybe like my Father felt… wanted to go a different direction from what their father was to them.

Top Jimmy Swag
Dad’s are There, That’s What They Do

I dunno. Words may fail me here. If a picture tells a thousand stories, I can only imagine what a video does. One of the better gifts my father, James Swinney gave me, was time, love, and this. When I was vulnerable he could have come across as the wisened father-figure delivering a lecture on what should be done or what was done wrong. Instead, in that moment, he just revealed his humanity, sharing moments where he had made mistakes, just saying… I get where you are coming from son. And that has made all the difference.

Finally the Mystery of Jesse James & John Wilkes Booth Solved
Top Jimmy Swag in All His Swagness.

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