910. The Scenic Drive

Beacon Light Rd. Water Canal w/ Bridge (Eagle, ID)

I am grateful for the scenic drive. The two around these parts (Boise, ID) that immediately come to mind for me are Hill Road and Beacon Light. Hill Road starts from an intersection of a road that goes up to our local ski hill Bogus Basin and winds it’s way through a mix of quirky non-HOA houses, a view of the foothills, shaded tree tunnels…just two lanes with a bike lane on each side. It’s a favored artery of bikers (the human-powered kind), runners, dog walkers, and cars. The only thing that detracts from the view really are the red signs someone has put up to keep Hill Road nice and undeveloped. That person has the right idea but going about it all the wrong way… desecrating a beautiful road with political signs. But that’s just grumpy old man me talking.

Keep Boise Weird!!

I’m struggling really here for a way to bring these two drives alive for ya’ll. Beacon Light is another road here that runs along the foothills a bit further west in our hometown of Eagle, Idaho. There’s tons of irrigation canals and two spots especially stand out that seem to be designed just for the scenic view roadside view. Flowing water through the countryside, flowing underneath overhanging trees and wooden bridges that were probably built just for practical purposes but hell…sure seems they planted those for folks to drive and walk and bike by and say…wow… this is a great place to live. Just beee-uuuu-tee-full!!!

Hill Road View from Google Maps, Cuz I’m Lazy Like That

So I have failed you at least to show what the Beacon Light-Hill Road scenic drive experience is like. Just come out here and I’ll take ya for a drive. I’m sure you have your own scenic drives where you live. Living in Flo Mo I’d always enjoy the Denton back roads drive. Seek them out and find a way to mix it into your daily commute or get out on a Sunday and drive, just drive. Or better yet walk or bike it. Get out and see the world. So here’s some scenic drives to get ya going.

Drive People Drive

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