912. New Music

Big Thief’s Not, Click These Words Ma

There’s something reassuring about new art being made continually. There is this steady stream of new novels, poetry, painting, and new music to be devoured. Human kind has this need for expression and the idea that there is always something new to be discovered is both invigorating and comforting. Sure sometimes you just want to hear music that fits like your favorite pair of sneakers, you can air guitar every note of the solo, sing loud every word playing rock star alone in your car driving into work, but with new music there’s the thrill of a new discovery and the break in period where you actively listen until bam… you know every word to that song. Think of it as going out and buying your next set of fave sneaks.

Fontaine’s DC Boys in a Better Land

I love making Spotify Playlist. Better than wasting my time watching endless Tik Tok videos. Hey some folks binge watch endless hours of Netflix. Who we kidding, I do that too. I mean just hit me up on FB messenger and say you are going on a road trip and need some road trip music suggestions, just a few. And then 2 hours later see all the suggestions I shoot back. Don’t laugh, this happened just last night. But one thing I love is naming those playlist. And there isn’t a better one matched up with this good thing then my latest “Brand Spank New.” Here’s some other playlist names I’m proud of: “War War, F’ing War, Kewlie Kewlerson’s Jams 2.0, The Runsz: Music To Get A Colonoscopy To, Boss Me Around a Bit, El Ultimo Mierda Calliente, Tom So Petty, Mell-oh Kewl F’instein Chill-axe Mix, and my best playlist by far that I took too much time seeking out quality music that fit a dark cool electronica noir theme, Sublime Coolness Zentastic.” Why when I write all that out do I fear I’ve become the ‘burb Dad over-aged equivalent of Tom Haverford and his sidekick Jean-Ralphio Saperstein from Parks and Rec.

Hrishikesh Hirway’s Song Exploder

It’s not all on you. New music can come from many sources. Your equally musical obsessive brother The Salty One Ben Swinney, 2nd Dad Bob Hartsell living in North Carolina, your musical friend from High School, The Troll-like One Wesley Wayne Bob Warren, your kids, and podcast. Song Exploder is one of the best. They take a song and break it apart with the artist that made them, and you get the genesis of how they create and the story behind the song. I’ve found great new music that way. Others are NPR’s “All Songs Considered,” Rick Rubin & Malcolm Gladwell’s “Broken Record,” and “Sound Opinions,” from Chicago’s WBEZ to name a few. Other sources are YouTube, music docs, Spotify or Apple Music’s suggestions. You can lose days of spent time doing so. Trust me.

K. Flay & X Ambassadors’ excellent Zen

New music gives me a way for my life to not stagnate. When I’m so tied into all that music does for my mood, my soul, my happiness, I can’t imagine a world where I had to listen to the same 40 songs I loved in 6th grade. A living hell I tell you!!! So in the spirit of creativity people’s hopeful and infinite capacity to create to me is a very good thing. Peace out.

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