917. Kate Willett

Comedienne Kate Willet

During these times if you focus on the news, keep up with the Pandemic, keep tabs on the protestor riots, suffer under failed national leadership that the right and left are condemning at the same time… & all we can do is wait it out until November…. it can seem dim and gloom and unhopeful. In a time where people judge others very severely just based on which presidential campaign they support, versus realizing they are a whole person that has reasons for believing what they do… and just listening for understanding, what are we going to do just to get by? How are you going to escape that “end of times” heaviness? Just laugh. Find something absurd and just laugh. Like Kate Willett: gotta click this.

Laugh your way through the Apocalypse

So this just might be me, but this seems to be the heyday for female comediennes. What with the Marvelous Miss Maisel being all the rage on Amazon Prime, it’s time for funny women. I’ve had friends who are females that say they have tried to not be too smart or too funny around guys they like…what??? Is the male ego so fragile that it would require a person to not be their true self in its presence? I mean should you have to fake an O…. oh, I don’t know… create a fake bland personality just to maintain a relationship? I don’t think so. This may be sexist or male privilege or un-woke of me to say, but when women comediennes let it all go and tell it like it is, saying anything and everything that we may all think but never say… to me, that’s so much more funny than when a guy does it. It’s refreshing. I think why I think this way is due to our traditional societal roles, it’s unexpected when females are frank and telling their unfiltered truths… and so f’ing funny. To me.

Kate Willett

So Kate Willett. Who is she, why should you care? She’s a San Fran gal & with that comes along with that all the San Fran Northern Cali openness and frankness one could muster. She seems willing to talk about anything & everything, especially the modern mores of men and women in a post #Me2 age. A millennial and these millennials have voices. Boomers and Gen X’ers like to complain about Millennials in the workplace but that generation is going to take over before too long. And their perspective is going to be the norm… until they start complaining about the next generation and wear out their welcome & the Gen Y’s start to push them out and get ready to take over. Such is the circle of life. Queue up Simba, wah weem oh wah!!!

Find Something To Laugh At

So how do you survive these dark dreary times? Some people post black canvases, some people get out of their system what they think about race riots, continuing to defend Trump, the longing for COVID quarantine where there wasn’t rioting and looting and police brutality in the streets. Some people long for a time when 3 and a half years ago America seemed like a decent place to live where folks were kind to each other, where you could count on kindness? Where America seemed great and great to the rest of the world. Now the rest of the world looks on as America seems in sharp decline. An empire in its fallen state led by a thin-skinned buffoon. It happens to the British as well when they were an empire… and I’m sure they had kings and queens and prime ministers who weren’t in touch with the people and were equally tone deaf to the common man and woman. Surely the disaster of American leadership the last four years isn’t unprecedented in world history? Empires are bound to ebb and flow… it just takes insanely poor leadership like we have now to accelerate that. I don’t think anyone can argue… compared to 3.5 years ago… we are indeed much less great… 2020 for America kinda sucks. It ain’t great. Far from it.

Is all that lost? When you see a man march to a church to hold up a bible when the way has to be cleared with tear gas and riot police, a man that has seemed to have a lifetime of the most un-Christian values… holding up that bible afar like it was a foreign thing… it feels like the world has gone completely mad. What are you to do about that? I think it’s no longer time to sit it out… and to be quiet.

But in the depths of it all, to maintain sanity, find someone or something to laugh at. Laugh at hard. Today, Kate Willett for me was just the ticket.

Chlamydia with Kate Willett

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