919. Money in the Grave – Drake / Rick Ross


There’s a saying, if you ain’t moving forward, you are moving backwards. I’d question that. It’s a very Western concept isn’t it? This means you can never be satisfied with where you are at. You always have to keep developing. Is that accurate? Can’t you be satisfied with the present?

Rick Ross

Why is there this self-development interlude? I try to stray away from too much music for these good things except where Z&Me & our tastes intersect. So I’m trying to grow with the rap & not just be satisfied with all the hip hop & rap I heard like 1991 & prior. Drake & Rick Ross is definitely a stretch. A growth area for me. If I’m not moving forward I’m moving backwards???

Money in the Grave / Click Here

There’s just something about this song that sounds elemental. Gaining money is a theme in rap… I get it, as much as I can. The traditionally have nots place additional emphasis on wealth obtainment. It just sounds essential when Drake says… when I die put my money in the grave.

When I die, put my money in the grave
I really gotta put a couple people in they place
Really just lapped every person in the race
I really might tat “Realest Dude” on my face
Lil CC let it slap with the bass
I used to save hoes with a mask and a cape
Now I’m like, “Nah, love, I’m good, go away”
Ain’t about to die with no money, I done gave ya.

Put my money in the grave!!!

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