920. Glacier Ptarmigan Wall Goat Trail

Glacier Mountain National Park

Okay, I could have just gone with Glacier National Park which I have some credibility with since the boys and I have visited there but instead I’m going with the Ptarmigan Wall Goat Trail. I’m fascinated with this route. It’s a hiking route versus a climbing route and it goes almost 3 miles on the face of this rock wall…. a traverse. The videos you see of folks who have done it are downright vertigo-inducing. Just look at it…this is the trail.

Just Keep on Going

My experience of steep routes is they always look impossible from far away and photos but when you get up on them, they look more doable. But this one, I think would be fear-inducing. It fascinates me. What is so cool about it is to enter the goat trail, you actually go through a rock tunnel and you come out on the wall where the scary route starts. How cool is that?

You Got to Watch This One!!

If you want to catch the bug and just think about maybe tackling this trek, go here, read all about it. You’ll want to go North to South and you’ll want to take a guide book and shoes with good traction. Who’s coming with me? This is a route you don’t want to cliff out or traverse over a snowy path with unsure footing. It’s a long way down. Click on this and read all about it. Be fascinated with places in this world…places you may never dream to tread. But just think about it. Think about it. Picture yourself there. Read this. Read the route.

Ready to Go??

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