922. Gardening

Raised Beds, The Easier Way to Garden

I know all ya’ll Texans have been at it for awhile now but we aren’t frost-free here in Idaho until after Mother’s Day. I really got into gardening when we first moved to Idaho as a family in 2002. We did all the landscaping for our house and I got to do every bit of it. Is it something that ties us to a simpler time or harkens back to our triumph of becoming an agrarian-based society from a hunter-gatherer one? I just know it calms the soul and nothing is more rewarding than having an open plot of ground and plotting out what can go in it. How to arrange it, how the plants will look when they are matured.

It must be time for Penitence, Gardening at Night, It’s never worth…

We seek a return to normalcy, crave it really. Finding tomato plants, spring mix greens seed, zucchinis, lemon cucumbers, onions… to sink in the ground was a bit of that. It comes to us after a year of transition moving into two different locations…and finally the work of growing things. That feels good. It’s simple I know but something the heart wants no doubt.

This One is going to get really busy fast.
Color-coordinated Tomato Cages
Belle & Sebastian, Another Sunny Day

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