925. Drama-tainment

Drama as Entertainment

I thought today to say swimming for the good thing as I went swimming but something happened on the way to the forum. Z&Me talk about the raps and whats going on with the rappers. I don’t necessarily like all the music, some of it I do very much, some of it I really have a hard time enduring quite frankly. But isn’t that the way it is between the generations. Kids find music that’s all their own. If parents can’t stand it…. even better. Eventually there’s a generational clash, your music ain’t my music old man!!! If it’s too loud, you’re too old!!! It’s a thing isn’t it? Each generation wants something of their own. But even if we can’t agree on music all the time, we can have some father-son bonding over Drama-tainment. And there’s plenty of that in the rap beefs.

The Snoop D-Oh-Double-Gee

So with the drama-tainment, there’s interesting things that happen in people’s lives. The hoi polloi us… hear of the drama between celebrities or politicians, and maybe part of us feels a little bit guilty for listening in, for watching the drama from the sidelines, but in a way it makes us all feel like we are one in the same, regardless of circumstances. Our drama, our everyday drama feels like less drama, less weight. It’s weird. But back to the Tekashi 6ix-9ine thing. I think that’s the way he spells it.

So 6ix9ine’s real name is Daniel Hernandez & the human side of the story is that he is probably struggling with a lot of things. He does the colored hair, colored teeth thing and has had a bit of success in the last few years with the ‘raps’ music even having a collaboration with Nikki Minaj and someone called Murda Beatz. Evidently in the rap world of music there are people that are highly successful creating the beats to songs and samples…think of it as an instrumentalist and producer. That’s Murda Beatz.

So the drama. Daniel Hernandez has been in legal troubles numerous times and lessened a prison sentence by cooperating on information about fellow gang members of the Nine Trey Gang. It was challenging to hide his identity in prison on account of face and neck tattoos that said Six9Nine. The gangstas could pick him out of a lineup. He got an early release due to COVID and some asthma issues and is out now with new material and a fresh beef with Snoop DOGG. He claims Snoop Dogg is the biggest snitch in the rap worlds, not Hernandez. Young punk be going up against the likes of Snoop.

Man, we’ve been in this COVID Quarantine too long if I’m writing about Drama-tainment between Daniel Hernandez and Snoop D-O-G-G. I don’t think all this is going to end well. Hernandez is misguided and it sounds like has had a hard life. But it’s the battle of the generations all over again and music. At least there’s an intersection of drama-tainment I can talk with my son about. It ain’t gonna be about the Texas Rangers ;o). Cheers and stay safe out there.

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