927. Cappadocia

Somewhere in Turkey

You take anyplace in person & try to describe it in words & you can lose the magic. For example, “The name Cappadocia, traditionally used in Christian sources throughout history, continues in use as an international tourism concept to define a region of exceptional natural wonders, in particular characterized by fairy chimneys and a unique historical and cultural heritage.

Geography and climate

Fairy chimneys in Uçhisar, Cappadocia.

Cappadocia lies in central Anatolia, in the heartland of what is now Turkey. The relief consists of a high plateau over 1000 m in altitude that is pierced by volcanic peaks, with Mount Erciyes (ancient Argaeus) near Kayseri (ancient Caesarea) being the tallest at 3916 m. 

Asleep yet? You wouldn’t be if you were there in person.

Click here for Cappadocia

It’s another place in the world, I’m fascinated with but have never been to. 2nd tier bucket list I’d say.

Here’s what I find fascinating about Cappadocia:

Sedimentary rocks formed in lakes and streams and ignimbrite deposits that erupted from ancient volcanoes approximately 9 to 3 millionyears ago, during the late Miocene to Plioceneepochs, underlie the Cappadocia region. The rocks of Cappadocia near Göreme eroded into hundreds of spectacular pillars and minaret-like forms. People of the villages at the heart of the Cappadocia Region carved out houses, churches and monasteries from the soft rocks of volcanic deposits. Göreme became a monastic centre in 300–1200 AD.

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