928. Anjelah Johnson

Okay, to my credit, I feel, I did HEAR Anjelah Johnson this morning first and decided to feature her as a good thing before coming back home & SEEING her. Give me credit there at least. So the merit is on her humor along and before I found out that she actually looks like this:

Miss Johnson would like to go on Cruises Again

Us guys are confused in this day and age, are we supposed to admire beautiful women and honor and respect that, or is that a fault of our gender and piggish #me2 behavior. I don’t know so let’s don’t focus on Anjelah’s former stint with the Oakland Raiderette’s & a Super Bowl Halftime Performance, let’s focus on what landed her on the Good List in the first place…she’s freaking funny!

Bon Qui Qui, Johnson’s Character on Mad TV

So granted I have a thing for ethnic female comediennes. Not a thing, like that, where yo’ mind at!!???!! But a thing, that I find them extra funny and appreciate their perspectives. Something about a female comedienne getting all real and Eddie Murphy raw is just so much more funny than a guy dishes on these things. I think that it’s unexpected even though that’s old school stereotypical right there. But in comedy these days, the ladies are killing it. I think Andrew Dice Clay’s schtick just don’t play so well in the 20’s, but Sarah Silverman, Nikki Glaser, or Chelsea Handler…that shit is just so funny right there. Granted Anjelah’s humor isn’t the raunchy but moreso great cultural observations. Her Netflix special, “Not Fancy,” includes some jokes about different Latino’s and how Puerto Rico scores one for J Lo but Mexicans have the food category down… and her jokes about being Mexican but not knowing Spanish and trying to learn it via Rosetta Stone is so freaking goodness.

Bicicleta Son Verde… Coballo

Angie is half-Mexican and half-Native American. She grew up in a devout Christian family which might explain why her comedy isn’t as raw raunchy as others, so she relies on her punchy cultural observations. Sometimes us guys don’t know what to do when the gals run circles around our own wit. There’s something to be said for guys being scared off by gals that are too funny, too pretty, too smart, too aggressive, too confident…why is that even a thing? Is our fragile ego’s such that we can’t be drawn in and find all those things attractive? Maybe it’s just a human nature thing vs. a male, female thing? I dunno. Interesting nonetheless.

What’s not to love about Anjelah? First, there’s the way she spells her name? Super cool. But just listen to her on some podcasts and you’ll be laughing hard like I did this morning. In these times, we could all use a little more laughter. It’s the best medicine after all… that and an actual COVID vaccine ;o) Surprise…. Johnson is not a lesbian! Hey, her words, not mine.

I Love Jesus, but I will punch a Ho!!!! – Anjelah Johnson
Don’t Forget to Laugh

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