930. Folks You’ve Known Since Pre-School

Wes Warren and His Cycling Minstrals

I know I’ve already done one about friends, but I’m going to narrow this down a bit. Folks you have known since pre-school through maybe 6th grade (just to include Doc Rolf Brekken in there). There is something about lifelong friends, they know you. We just got off a Zoom meeting and these people: Doug Zimmerer, Dusty Gotcher, Randy Humprey, Wes Warren, Craig Choate, Rolf Brekken, I’ve known near my entire life. We have been through all sorts of David Bowie… Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes, but those ties run deeps. We are in our early 50’s and we get back together and we can all just be ourselves, not pretenses, not airs… just who we are. And it’s not all that much different than the relationships we formed early on in life. We know each other’s personalities enough and well enough…that through our F-up’s, we are still going to be there for one another… because we know at the core who each other are.

The Zim Zam
The Gooch
The Hump and his Mamma
The Troll Wesley Wayne Bob Warren in his Natural Environment
Craig Choate & His Clear Love for the Rolling Stones
The Doc, Rolf Brekken
The Hump & I & Little Stevie!!
The Whole Crew with Devil Eyes

I’m not going to use too many words but I am forever grateful for these people. Because of them and they way I grew up around them, I am the person I am today…. for better or worse.

The lady who wrote the GHS Fight Song is rolling over in her grave to hear the GHS Fight Song to the tune of the Ramones’ I’m Sedated. Please forgive us, for we know not what we’ve done.

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