931. Cheese Tacos

Cheese Tacos

So this is the simplest snack you can find. It’s a favorite of Z&Me, but he’s got teenager metabolism and I’ve got ‘Burb Dad Bod to deal with… so I try not to have them too often. But they are freaking delicious!!! “Cheese Taco” is just the name we’ve come up with around the house to describe taking a tortilla, any tortilla, whether it be wheat or white (corn don’t work so well… though it might be healthier), sprinkle some shredded cheese on it, roll it up, slap that puppy in a microwave for all of 25 seconds and BAM….cheese taco: ready to eat. The reason we call them “Cheese Tacos” is that somehow it legitimizes this “maybe not terribly healthy” snack as a valuable nutritious food source. It sounds like a meal when you are justifying your snack to other health-conscious people’s.

This is what you get when you use “The Googles” for Cheese Tacos

And this as well below for the Googled Cheese Tacos….

Another Cheese Taco Recipe

Now listen to this completely wheels off song about Cheese from Primus and go make yo’ self a cheese taco. They are delicious and if you call them the right thing… also nutritious.

Sailing the Seas of Cheese with Primus

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