933. The Rothko Chapel

Rothko Chapel,Houston, Texas,USA MR 0038

I have never been to the Rothko Chapel. Never knew of it’s existence or what it was until hearing a song about it. Before playing you that song, it’s a non-denominational non-aligned to any organized religion space filled with Mark Rothko paintings a few miles from downtown Houston.

David Dondero – Rothko Chapel

My religion is in nature, art and literacy.
My religion is in science, music and poetry.
My religion is the mountain, my church is in the seas.
My religion is to love you yet my church is entropy.
My religion is in your eyes but my church ain’t organised.
My faith is in the sweetness that you might realize.
But my faith it could be fiction, my faith could not be smart.
My religion is the weather, yeah, my church is in your heart.

But your heart is like the Rothko Chapel, cold dark void yet simple and intriguing.
Somewhat comforting, got me believing almost anything.
There was this line by Charlie Parker, probably worth remembering.
“If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your horn, chances are you’ll never be reborn”

Something about this concept, a space open to all, regardless of your beliefs, but you can shelter and be inspired there, really appeals to me. It’s universal. It’s not saying one way or another is right but it’s being respectful to allow for the truth people have found and respect that truth and let them pursue it. I would like to go there some day.

Here’s more about what it’s all about from I think maybe the Executive Director there either now or at one time, Susan J. Barnes states “The Rothko Chapel…became the world’s first broadly ecumenical center, a holy place open to all religions and belonging to none. It became a center for international cultural, religious, and philosophical exchanges, for colloquium and performances. And it became a place of private prayer for individuals of all faiths”

It’s just nice knowing there’s a place like this in the world. The Rothko Chapel.

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