938. Bearded Dragons

Not Far From the Truth

Ever have one of those days, you just need to recover from the world? You know the ones, Saturday, Sunday, weekday you take off or have to call in sick… you lay up on the couch or hide out in the bedroom with a TV and just retreat, binge watch Working Moms or Parks & Rec or Flight of the Conchords, whatev’s!! That’s the life of a Bearded Dragon like every third day or so. We have a Beardie, as the hip kids call them. He’s called Artemis. There’s been plenty o’ days where Arty didn’t move from his hammock, from under his rock cave… being perfectly content with his lot in life.

The Tiger King’s Of Bearded Dragons??

Since the Tiger King is all the rage these days, I found this video of people who actually have organized a “Bearded Dragon Society.” You can’t very well feed your spouse to Bearded Dragons can you Carol Baskin?

The Life and Times of a Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragons are super hip and cool. Trendy hipsters. They have beards. What’s not to like there?

So I’d feel remiss here if I didn’t give you something factual to ponder. Bearded Dragons, where do they come from before they ended up as a pet hanging out in your aquarium? Australia, the land of Pink Lakes. Evidently they are all over the bush and the outback and might not be kept as pets so much in the land down under… but are so widely in the UK and the good old US or A. Think about it? Are you going to go get a squirrel and cage it up and keep it as a pet? No need for that, you can enjoy them right out your back door when they steal the bird food from your bird feeder. I’m not saying the Bearded Dragon is the squirrel of Australia. It’s a reptile and squirrels are rodents. That’d be plain silly. Here watch this.

The Beardie as Explained from an Aussie

Looks like there are 6 types of Bearded Dragons found in the wild. Why do Americans love them so much as pets? Well they have personalities and do interesting things. They get all miffed and display their beard and show off their bearded spikes and if they are serious…they’ll open their mouth and hiss. So scary. They are also inquisitive and will hang out on your floor and crawl up on your socked feet as you lay there. They’ll find things interesting and lick them. They’ll have a thing for your dog. Your dog may have a thing for the dragon.

A Tenuous Friendship
A Love Story

When we were in the midst of a move, Kyra the Retriever, and Arty, the Dragon provided us with countless moments of entertainment. She was and still is obsessed. We just took it as an inter-species love affairs that sometimes occurs as they’d spend hours on end just having a good old-fashioned stare-down. Since then, Kyra has confessed that she is only forming this friendship so one day she can eat Arty. Sneaky Retrievers.

Hours and Hours of Tail Soaking
My Face!!!?? I’m a hideous monster!!! Fear me.

We here in Eagle, Idaho, love Arty. He fits right in. We aren’t sure if he loves us or not but we do know he loves him the Super Worms. Sometimes they can even entice him to move. He’s just conserving up his energy for when he’ll need it to avoid getting consumed by his “friend” Kyra the “Hungry.” Now watch this:

The Funny Bearded Dragon

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