943. Big Chewy Nerds

You ever seen those dragon eggs from that show… they call it the Game Of Thrones? Yeah, me neither. Never saw a single episode, but evidently that’s what Big Chewy Nerds look like. I didn’t know what a big chewy freaking deal this candy is until Z hipped me 2 it. Z and I went on one of our car camping overnighter’s. There’s a whole set of rules to it. It’s a thing. There’s a Nerds tie-in. Here’s a picture or two…

Cuddy-Hitt Mountains
Mountain Stoner Pose??
Peaceful Water Falls

I don’t know what to say about Big Chewy Nerds but they are indeed Big and indeed Chewy. When we found ourselves at the Emmett, Idaho Albertson’s, the Store Manager there was all itching her backside and telling everyone about all the mosquito bites she got from climbing up a tree to get on top of her chicken coop… then BOOM!!!…. we found Big Chewy Nerds!! Z acted as if had won the candy lottery… Big Chewy Freaking Nerds I say!!!

Buy the Dresses Get the Nerd Glasses!!

Though I’m still a Jelly Belly Sours loyalist, I can see the appeal in some of these Nerd side products… the dresses, the nerd glasses, a Big Jug of Chewy Nerds, Sour Big Chewy Nerds, A Moose or Reindeer full of Nerds. If you want to read all about the Big Chewy Nerd thang, click here.



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