946. Road Trips

The freedom of the open road ahead of you, a destination to reach, or not. There’s something liberating about being able to change your scene, your temporary situation from picking up & driving. It’s a way to arrive at perspective you would have never reached otherwise.

Where the road leads…

I think of some of my best road trips, some have been with others, some solo, some excruciatingly long, some short. A day trip to Brundage in the single days with Jim Greer & Doreen. With Z to the famous Las Vegas rap trip. With the Boyz, C&Z to Montana & a failed night time attempt to invade Canada. So many 12 hour drives between C Springs & the DF of W. Winter time Jackson Hole with AJ Bracken.

Ski Jackson Hole

You see things on a road trip, experience things you never would have experienced, there’s time to think & time to talk. Even if it’s two people or four or more… you can’t very well listen to the radio or your Spotify shuffle or fave podcast the whole time. And you can’t tune out with digital devices &/or sleep the entire time. There is space to talk, allowances for silent pauses between. The hum of the road & the scenery that passes allows the mind & the tongue to explore thoughts & words that wouldn’t be accessible otherwise.

Time to Sing on a Road Trip

So when I started with Head Start it was real important to our regional manager we take a road trip to visit other grantee’s across the state. A group of us made it up to Lewiston & back & there was indeed something bonding about that road trip that accelerated the relationship-building required to work together well. I’m a big believer in the power of road trips. Find a place to drive to when this COVID lifts, somebody to drive there with… & build a specific road trip playlist just for that trip. Sit back, enjoy the journey, & let the magic happen.

I’ve Been Everywhere… Man!!

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