950. Questionable Judgment, The Series

Sometime there’s a place for parody. I’d say that’s most each and every day. But that’s me. There was a time in life where I became cursed by the Mountain Gods. At least that’s the way I saw it. The Swinney Boys, C in particular thought it might be more a case or questionable judgment… mine if you were wondering. This led to the “Questionable Judgment” video series.

Click Here for Questionable Judgment

And then Questionable Judgment led to Questionable Judgment 2.

Unquestionable Judgment 2, Click Here

There was supposed to be Questionable Judgment Part 3. Not sure if that was released or not. But maybe, just maybe, like George Lucas & Star Wars, you just have to wait long enough. In the meanwhile, here’s a little something.

Arbitrary Judgment is just as good as Questionable Judgment

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