968. Lame Ass Spring

Lame Ass Spring Flower

You may very well wonder, why in this posting of good things, is this titled “Lame Ass Spring?” Well I’ll tell you when Z&Me came up with what to post today, we agreed on spring, and when I called in lame spring, he thought that would be funny. Of course I added in the ass as I’ll want to do.

Monet’s Iconic Painting about Lame Ass Spring

We did a family thing during these quarantine times about ranking your favorite seasons, best to worst. It was a fun fam dinner thing to hear everyone’s take on it. Mine is: 1. Fall, 2. Winter, 3. Summer, and lastly 4. Spring. I don’t think anyone’s favorite season is Spring for the most part. Why is that? Spring is a freaking tease. It gives you day’s like today in Boise-Town where it might have gotten into the upper 60’s, maybe lower 70’s. Beautiful. It’s April 7th here. Buds are blooming. The world is turning into it’s living state. A time for re-birth and lifted spirits. The promise of the new, the green. What’s not to love about Spring? The next day bam… you could have rain and 40’s temps. This continues up until our last frost day which is usually May 15th, around Mother’s Day. For every beautiful day where your hopes get high, there’s a day like this…

London Lame Ass Spring Day

But why it’s a good thing? It’s more about the changing of seasons. Moving from one state into the next. That’s always a hopeful thing. While the world cowers down, hunkered in our bunkers of houses, staying six feet away from any other human bean, the threat and death of COVID is all around us, nature goes on with it’s dance of seasons. Nature moves on without us, regardless of us and all this fear. That’s a good thing right there.

Z enjoying himself some Lame Ass Spring Fishing
Biz Markie’s Ode to Lame Ass Spring
Lame Ass Spring Flower

So what you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy you a nice Lame Ass Spring day. Better do it soon before it starts raining sideways again. Spring!!

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