970. Gummy Worms

Gummy Worms of the Sour Variety

Z made dinner this week. We are doing this trading off thing with each fam member cooking dinner each night. Tasty tasty b-fast burritos that boy cooked up. I couldn’t even have pulled that off in college. To add a gourmet touch to it he laced the top… with a gummy worm.

How to Bred & Slaughter Gummy Worms

I mean gummy bears are more traditional but can a gummy bear have half one flavor and the other half another?? I didn’t think so. And you don’t get many gummy bears in the sour variety and so many neon colors. Gummy bears are sometimes called gummi bears & that’s just as pretentious as shit right there.

It’s a very freaky worm, Super Freak

Can you do what that dude up there is doing with gummi bears? I didn’t think so. Don’t catch the COVID. Eat gummy worms.

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