973. Words

Yadda Yadda Yadda

Blah, Blah, Bluh, Bluh, Blah!!! Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. “I mentioned the bisque,” Elaine, Seinfield. Words, in and of themselves can be interesting. Pachyderm. Quixotic. Numinous. Surreal. Eurhythmic. Broccoflower. You wonder, how did that word get started? What’s it’s origin? Like Quixotic. I think of it as being puzzling, unnecessarily complicated. Many of you probably know it comes from Cervantes and his little book Don Quixote and really reflects that main character from that book, The Man of La Mancha and his penchant for being unrealistically optimistic or ridiculously chivalrous. But now just string a few of those words together and see what you get.

They take to the skies.

Southbound pachyderm.

Les Claypool’s Primus and His Southbound Pachyderm.

Now we have a story and a song with words strung together. Granted Les Claypool’s stories are pretty out there and weird, eclectic, quirky…. so many words that could be used to describe the music of Primus. The dude can play the bass (and not the fish…sheesh words)!! And when words can be used to turn puns, or double entendre’s, even better.

One day, you know, that beaver tried to leave her, so she caged him up with cyclone fence.

Surely there’s something deeper here in words and language than just the low brow humor and weirdness of Primus?? Sometimes we don’t really know how we think about something or really feel, until we find a way to express it. We are stuck at home. COVID-Times. There’s something dark and ominous in the news, in the world, everywhere. A feeling. Now take that feeling and malaise and talk to someone about it, someone you know and care about. Words help you through dark times. Those words strung together, don’t have to be eloquently spoken, nor make all that much sense to others, but when you run them through your mind and out to paper, out to your tongue, out to the world. The power of words, sharing, and connectivity can help you, especially during dark times.

Words that People Hate

As much as there are beautiful words, there are words people actually despise. The word “moist” for instance. People hate it for it’s sound, it’s connotation (what we associate the word with or think it might mean) and denotation (what the word technically means). There are hate words, words that when used, repeated in our minds, get us stuck in a downward spiral. Take the phrase, “I’m sick and tired of…” Use that enough in your daily vernacular in reaction to things that make you angry and you will find yourself becoming actually sick and tired. Like a signpost along a street on a journey pointing you towards a certain destination. Words are like that, like that signpost. Use them, follow them, and you’ll find yourself arriving at a destination they pointed to. Flip it to the positive and it can have the opposite effect.

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words, Banksy

I Love You. 3 words strung together. That has power. Said and practiced enough, it has the power to change the world. You may believe that if you are Quixotic ;o). Putting those words into art form, (like this painting above by Banksy) and it’s taken further. That girl has lost that balloon, though she reaches towards it longingly. We see the wind blows her hair. That same wind will carry that balloon away. She’s never getting that balloon back. Love can be like that…unrequited love. You love, it’s not attainable but still you love. Lastly a shot at expressing this concept of “I Love You” without ever using the word love.

You, lost in thought, staring through a rain-stained window,

I, lost in your lips, as they purse, dreaming to kiss worlds away.

You, vacant stare, visions of a time, when people touched, when people traced the lines of their hearts, naked against others,

I, wished for the whole of you, the balloon of you, caught as God’s-Whispered-winds, carry you away… far far away.


Words Up Peeps!!!!

Word UP!!!

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