974. Banana Bread

Bread (more like cake) made out of Bananas

Bananas. Bread. What? What kind of madness is this? Think of a loaf of bread that’s more akin to cake or muffins. Think of those perishable fruits you got laying around your house. Some folks think of the banana as the king of fruit. That has nothing to do with the shape and size of a banana being linked to the king role. Get your mind out of the gutters people!!! Oh, that was just me, sorry.

Who was the first person that bought their bananas at the market and got one of those larger bunches. Bought them green so they could ripen up at home. There’s a window where bananas are good to eat. Not too green but when they ripen, I can’t think of much of anyone who actually likes the browned mushy banana state. And they get there quick. What to do with that mushy banana. Hey, I think I’ll make a tasty cake loaf thing out of it… and call it banana bread.

The Banana Song. Gotta watch this.

Of all fruits and vegetables people make bread out of, the banana seems to make the most sense. It has some sweetness to it that seems to lend the plausibility that it could be a dessert. Zucchini, carrots, fruit (not right, no one likes fruit cake), squash (I’ve never heard of squash bread). These just don’t seem right to become desserts. But people haphazardly still do it all the time. So though bananas aren’t the king of fruits, everyone knows it’s actually grapes, it does make for some pretty damn good tasty bread.

The Savannah Bananas.. in Kilts!!!

What’s more American then minor league baseball?? And who does it better than the Savannah Bananas? You go to the Frisco Rough Riders and that doesn’t feel like true minor league baseball. I love going to those games, because they don’t take themselves too seriously. They know their product isn’t what droves of people pay to see at MLB parks across the country, so they gotta try just a bit harder. You couldn’t get a new MLB team in let’s say Las Vegas naming themselves the bananas. You only get this in minor league baseball.

They play in historic Grayson Field just West of the part of Savannah everyone goes to see, off the beaten path. Built in 1926, it’s a beauty. The oldest baseball stadium in minor league baseball. It’s got the old school awning over the spectator section with these giant fans to blow all the gnats off people. You gotta check it if you can’t visit there yourself. And after taking a run and running around Grayson Stadium I learned of the Bananas that play there. They have great gear, so much so I brought the great salty one, Bro Ben Swinney a shirt and after ordering it online, they sent me an email about it… from an actual person. Get some Banana gear yourself and show your support for the American institution of minor league baseball.

B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!! This Shit is Bananas!!

Ohhhh, ewwww… just smush it, just smush it. Yeah, COVID times, those bananas ain’t gonna eat themselves. For comfort allow yourself some indulgences. Get in yo’ kitchen open your fave bottle of wine, turn up Gwen’s best cheerleading beat song ever made. Yeah that’s right Toni Basil, I said that shit right there!!! Hey Mickey! Hey, I don’t think so Toni.

A Banana Ironing his Peel

Let’s bring it home shall we? Are you trying to lose weight? You can feel good about baking up that banana bread during your quarantine. Get it right out of the oven when it’s still piping hot, get some real butter, not margarine, put that right on the top, watch it melt, paired with a nice Sauvignon Blanc or get crazy and do an Old Vine Zin… turn up your Stefani and dance around the kitchen while only stopping every once in a while to take a bite of that delicious banana bread.

Check It, Banana Bread Recipe

Comfort food. Whatever reminds you of home. Find that thing. Find solace in the delicious. When you are sheltering in place, social distancing, I encourage you to seek out something that makes you happy. You could do worse than banana bread. And thanks to D for having a birthday and whichever Western States / CAT person brought over the banana bread. No other enjoyed that like Z… but I had the last slice with a few dark chocolate Hershey’s with almonds melted over it in the microwave. Yummy. Peace out.

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