977. Creating Things / A Scooter Box

Z Town Boogie & The Scoot Boy Tricks

Well, we are in the middle of the “COVID.” Sheltering in place, people getting upset with people in public because they don’t keep their 6 feet of separtion. In the middle of it, I suggest you, find your jam, focus on that. It’s a positive way to deal with a very very real and scary thing, a pandemic.

Scoot Boy Life, Rolline Stone

This good thing is about Creativity really, creating something as an outlet. It’s also about Scooter Kids, Skateboard Kids, Skiing and Snowboarding and most of all finding your jam. As we travel through life, there’s a lot of talk about finding your passion, finding your jam, and following that thing down, or up as the case maybe. There’s so many examples of it, gifted people hitting their stride, getting in the flow. For some it works out beautifully. Sean White and snowboarding for example, he’s an olympic poster child for extreme sports.

Sean White and his Creativity

It’s interesting the tribes, and people finding their tribes. You’ve got one or two no doubt. I’ve found a trail running tribe here in B-Town called the Dirty Soles promoted by the Pulse Running Store. It’s a jam of mine. But for every tribe, there’s other tribes that may peacefully co-exist but may not. I can recall the world of downhill skiiing, another passion of mine…and moguls, they are so very hard to do right. Then came snowboarding. I grew to not entirely like the presence of snowboards messing up perfectly good runs. So it is with Scooter Kids and skatboarding. The skateboard community was there first and now they have to share skate parks with the like of the Scooter Kids. I now struggle with the dichotomy of trail runners and mountain bikers sharing the trail. It’s a thing, tribes.

Angel Dominguez does a double tail whip Wednesday at San Clemente’s Ralphs Skate Court. Riders say they can coexist fine with skaters but when it’s crowded, derogatory remarks are at times directed at scooters.///ADDITIONAL INFO: 01.spn.0414.scooter.fs 04/11/2011 Fred Swegles, The Orange County Register

So let’s tie it all together shall we, tortuosly arriving to some point. Creating things. Z-town boogie (his rapper name or Scoot Boi name…or simply what I call him) created a scooter box last night. It’s something to do amidst a COVID quarentine, a time most odd. He built a full-on ramp jump with his grandfather, Leon Pielstick. We’ve got all the makings of a scooter park right out in our garage and there’s dreams of having a half-pipe in our backyard. A worthy dream, we’ll see. Here’s what he is about to make:

Scooter Grind Box
The Tools of the Trade
Halfway There, The Scooter Grind Box taking Form

So go with your bad self Z-Town Boog and finding your jam. I think you’ve found it. Another jam is creating projects in the garage, working with your hands, doing quality work, it’s in you and maybe you get it through two sets of grandparents who like to create things. Leon and saddles and anything having to do with metal, horseshoes, yard art; Jim and his carpentry and houses and remodels and backyard barns and carports, family projects doing family time; Sarah and her gardening and equally fetching yard art; Susan and her quilts and homemade cards and garden space.

What Scooting can Lead To

So find your jam, encourage others to do the same. If someone close to you finds their jam, figure out a way to share that passion, eventough it may not be your jam. That’s a gift to be given with impact. If you hear of someone that has risen to the top of their game and ask them, I’m pretty sure they had some influencers, some jam-encouragers along the way… Jimi Hendrix to JFK. And this one goes out to the one you love… not a love song after all.

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