984. Clear Skies

Have you ever been stuck under a soup of cloudy skies in Northern Texas with rain and gray-ness for days on end? Have you ever been in Boise in February and slogged your way through a foggy inversion two weeks at a time? Have you ever lived in Western Germany and not seen any peek of blue in the skies for a month at a time? Seattle? Portland? All this sounding familiar? And then that day pops out of the blue, blue as far as the eyes can see and things feel possible, limitless, a weight lifted? That’s what clear skies are all about.

Bullet the Blue Sky

You know how clear skies can make you feel? Think about West Texas expansiveness where the skies go on for days. Think about the Arizona desert and above you is a vastness of blue. Think of Bogus Basin spring ski days where there’s white below you but you lay back on the snow to take it all in swearing you’ve never seen a deeper blue. Hey hey Mr. Blue!

Wide Open Spaces

So here’s to the hope that a bunch of blue brings, here’s to the promise that regardless of how much gray is in this world, how much blackness of night, cloud-free sea of blue skies awaits ahead.

I can See for Miles and Miles

The sky beyond and the sky below,

I have read the science, I know I’m staring

Into the deep black void of space,

Through the oxygen and this bubble-shield

of nitrogen and particles and bent refraction,

Blue is the simplest of waves,

So reaches our eyes as an endless

Sea of limitless pools of what you,

What I,

Can do,

and be,




A Temple to Blue

Lastly clear skies at night. It lets the earth cool and you’ll have cold crisp mornings to wake up to compared to a cloudy sky that keeps it a bit warmer in Northern Climes. And if you’ve ever swallowed a face full of the milky way under West Texas or Western Oregon rural skies absent of light pollution, you’ll know the wonder of clear skies.

The World Carries on with It’s Wonders Despite the COVID Apocolypse – Clear Skies

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