995. Turkeys in Trees

A Turkey in a Tree

Who has heard of such a thing as Turkeys in Trees? Aren’t they the wild-domesticated thing that is earth-bound like chickens? Aren’t they the bird Benjamin Franklin wanted to be our national bird instead of eagles? How in the sam hell do they get up in trees???

A Bunch of Turkeys in a few Trees

Well Z&Me took a country drive recently. Yep, 15 minutes from the city on dirt-muddy roads on Horseshoe Bend pass, not a soul in site and the whole of the valley below us because that’s the beauty in the place we live. Heading back down in elevation and the sunset before us, we round a bend and what do we see?? A bunch of large birds flicking together in trees? Maybe owls, maybe eagles, maybe hawks?? Those birds don’t tend to flock. They are more solitary. Turkeys. In trees!!!

Some More Turkeys in Trees

From some of the Googles Research, lo and behold, turkeys can fly and it’s a safety thing. They roost at night in trees. I suppose coyotes and bobcats and mountain lions and what not can’t climb so well to get a midnight Thanksgiving snack. Turkey in Trees! It’s a thing. Make for a great band name. Opening for Yung Gravy.

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