987. Forest Pansy Eastern Redbud

Eastern Redbud, Fall Foilage

Cercis Canadensis, or the Forest Pansy Eastern Redbud. This is the do it all tree for the most part. It is not the tree to plant if you want it to grow tall and build a tree house in it for the kids and their kids to play in. It ain’t all that a bag full of biscuits. But here is what it does:

  • Blooms in the spring dainty pink all over the tree
  • Works well in half-shade much like the deciduous environment it thrives in, in the wild
  • After that full-on pink bloomage, out pops these purple dark/red leaves that get heart-shaped huge
  • Those leaves turn to green and it’s the perfect tree to give mottled shade to a porch with sun exposure
  • It’s habit…wider than it grows tall makes it the perfect filler spot for a rectangular place that needs to provide shade and sits in half-shade half-sun throughout the day.
  • Then again in the Fall, the leaves turn bright red and aspen yellow-gold, fall off and are ready to do it all over again in the Spring

The whole thing about this Z&M Blog is to develop a focus for a positive mindset. It’s easy as chaos consumes us, interpersonal conflict, an ever-evolving world dealing with a pandemic, politics, etc…. to lost sight of those things that bring you joy. These things can get overlooked if you let it. Our minds and souls have to be trained to focus on the positive as we tend to get in the headspace where we are looking out for the danger, the crisis, and how to deal with that. In the absence of danger and fear, we oftentimes create it for ourselves and others.

Three of my big nature jams are birds, mountains, and plants/trees/gardening/landscaping (both domesticated and in the wild). The Forest Pansy, though a right funny name it has, is one of my favorites to sit by, share the same space as, let me take in it’s oxygen that it gives off, let me get rid of my carbon dioxide that it takes in. Circle of life shit right there. Peace.

Cercis Cadadensis

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