989. Buddhism

Buddhist Overview Article

So I’m not a Buddhist. I really don’t know terribly all that much about it. But what I do know, I am drawn to, there’s wisdom there. Buddhism is the 4th largest world religion behind those Abrahamaic Religions… Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Unlike the two greatest-numbered faiths, Islam and Christianity, Buddhism doesn’t call for it’s practicioners to prostelyze. And it differs in that it’s more of a philosophy or way of approaching life than a religion. All pretty fascinating to me.

A Philosophy with Pretty Good Art!

Did you know you can be a Buddhist Christian? A Buddhist Muslim? A Buddhist Jew? It doesn’t sound quite right does it especially when we have this tight concept of monotheism. But Buddha isn’t a God but in some corners of the philosophy is honored and revered in ways that seem to suggest there’s some form of deity there. But you can believe in whatever pathway to spirituality you want to and still practice the tenets of Buddhism. That broadens the appeal.


Here’s what I find appealing and what little I know of Buddhism. It upholds kindness and decency to others as a tenet. So do other religions but there isn’t this need to conduct cultural warfare on others to not stop until you get all the other people in the world to believe how you believe in God. I like that. I’m sure in Christianity and in Islam it’s a celebration when someone converts from the other religion. And when that happens, it kinda saddens me. Whomever is the convert is leaving behind a belief system and way of life that they grew up with, were steeped in, and was intertwined with their family. Buddism, doesn’t call for that, to my knowledge.

Misconceptions and a Better Understanding

So suffering, and that suffering is grounded in an attachment to things and permanence, nothing is permanent and change is constant… and the way to deal with that is the letting go. If you focus on morality, wisdom, and meditation…you can become a better person or at least listen to Nirvana. Or better yet, the Beastie’s…three white Jewish Buddhist rappers?? Can there be such a thing?

Bodhisattva Vow, The Beasties.

Peace. People’s.

Rocking it Out in Thailand.

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