992: The Boise Foothills

View from Bogus Basin

Imagine having more than 200 miles of trails to call a playground within walking distance from the capitol building, literally right out plenty of Boisean’s back doors, that’s the Boise Foothills. You can run the 3000 feet of elevation gain from the valley floor, gain the ridge road and go all the way to the top of Shafer’s Butte if you feel like it. If you get lost, you just head back down to the city.

The City of Trees & it’s Playground

Z&Me have been on a few adventures, a night trail run with headlamps while he rode his mountain bike, an extended 5 mile hike with the pups at Hidden Springs, night hike on Polecat overlooking the city lights below. You can connect with nature, run into Richard Mule (an actual mule) and his owner pouring free cold brew coffee, hit 10-20 miles with the Dirty Soles running group on a Saturday morning. It’s our own little Walden’s Pond of nature to sooth your soul and put life back in balance.

Ridge to Rivers

The Ridge to Rivers trail system is a place for mountain bikes, runners, hikers, dogs, coyotes, snakes, deer, and maybe a mountain lion or two. There’s a trail called sheep camp and that’s because thousands of sheep are kept roaming the foothills by a shepherd and guarded by sheep dogs. Stay away from those sheep dogs and be prepared to tromp through a bunch of sheep dookie early spring.

It’s a place Z & Me love fiercely and have spent many good hours in… just walking, just being. Peace.

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