998. Fishing in the Mountains

The Z Cast

Fishing in the mountains. Have you ever done it? It’s pretty awesome. I think Z and Me are a bit different in what that experience is all about. Me, I’d just assume being up in the mountains, casting the fly rod or whatever that other type of reel rod is…I think it’s a rod and reel. You can tell I know my fishing. With Z… it’s all about catching the fish.

Trying to think about our first time fishing in the mountains and I’d have to say we were taught by one Susan Pielstick who I also refer to as my Mother-In-Law, Z’s Grammie. This was on the Old 99 Ranch or maybe 96 Ranch, out by John Day and it’s simply beautiful up there. The ranch and its acreage has been sold but they kept the old mountain cabin with the land around it and access to the mountains above.

The way this fishing goes (from my memory) is you get sticks (or use your pole, fly rod don’t work so well), attach the line, the small hook, and maybe a worm?? You fish in all the small streams and make sure the fish can’t see you. Then you catch them in droves, or at least, Zach and Susan catch them in droves. Small mountain brook trout I think? Again, I don’t know my fish, at least my mountain fish. Pretty sure I could identify a Rainbow trout but beyond that, who really knows? Well Z does. That day, I may have caught one, a few others may have caught one, and Zach reeled in about 10 or so. It’s always been that way. That boy can catch fish.

Glacier International Park Montana

I’ve you’ve never gone mountain fishing, you should try it. First, find some mountains. Some places this may be easier said than done. Then find some fishing gear. Then fish. Simple. I think that dude about the Walden Pond thing…Thoreau, knew what was what. Nature and wilderness have a restorative quality to the soul. Without that connection, we can lose sight of what makes this world such a great place. I have a true passion for the mountains. Z has a true passion for fishing. It can remind you that you are alive. Feel glad to be alive. Feel lucky to be alive. Fishing in the Mountains.

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